Total Lunar Eclipse--May 15, 2003

San Bernardino, CA (8:20pm PDT-11:30pm PDT)


A photo of the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15, 2003. The image was captured at 8:20pm PDT. I captured the images using a digital camera that was mounted on a 80mm Short Tube Refractor, prime focus, Fl 400mm, ISO setting at 400, exposure time of 5 seconds.


This sequence of images during the Total Lunar Eclipse were captured from 8:30pm through 11:30pm. The moon was already in total phase when it rose above the horizon. The exposures varied during the sequence: the longest was 5 seconds and the shortest was 1/750 of a second at an ISO of 400. The images were balanced for brightness and contrast, and the composite image was assembled in Adobe Photoshop.